General terms of business, licence conditions and cancellation rights.

Prices given at the time of order are binding. In accordance with Kleinunternehmer-Regelung (§19 Abs. 1 UstG) no VAT is included in our invoices. The works offered by Best Instrumental Ever may be used in accordance with the purchased licence for private, business or commercial purposes.

Our works are not subject to collection of performance fees through GEMA, or other performing rights collection organisations such as AKM, SUISA, SACEM etc. All rights of exploitation in the music recordings are held by Best Instrumental Ever and are subject to German copyright and any other applicable international laws. Our works are also protected by registered UPC numbers. When you buy a licence you are granted a geographically and time unlimited licence to use the work in a single project. After payment you will receive the work as a twenty-four bit .WAV format file. You will also receive the licence, associated usage rights and a payment receipt by email. The licence guarantees a non time-limited exemption from GEMA fees for your project and documents your usage rights.

Alternations to musical works
The acquired works may be freely edited, shortened, altered or mixed with speech or effects as required by your project.

Third parties and clients
When working on behalf of a client, you are the licensee. It is not permitted to transfer the usage rights to third parties not mentioned in the original contract. Further, it is forbidden to sell the purchased rights to third parties.

Licence conditions
The use of the music without an appropriate licence is not permitted. In the case of violation of the licence terms criminal and civil proceedings will be initiated against you. The usage rights are not transferable. The commercial distribution, dissemination or provision of the individual music works is forbidden. It is not permissible to use the music in connection with extreme religious or political material or the promotion of violence or immorality.

No returns of non-physical data are accepted by Best Instrumental Ever.

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